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Hybrid Electric Motors Optimization using modeFRONTIER

View case studies from top industry players have chosen ESTECO technology to effectively set up design tasks associated with EV/HEV systems and to quickly identify the right engineering strategies to cope with highly constrained design problems.

Non-linear model predictive control of a power-split hybrid electric vehicle

This paper builds on the previous published works in which the authors had employed nonlinear model predictive control for the (sub)optimal power management of a power-split hybrid electric vehicle (HEV). In addition to the battery’s state of charge, in this work we include the effect of inertial powertrain dynamics in the control-oriented model that are usually ignored because of their fast dynamics.

Computer-aided conversion of an engine from diesel to methane

The paper proposes an analytical methodology that uses empirical based models and CFD simulations to efficiently evaluate design alternatives in the conversion of a diesel engine to either CNG dedicated or dual fuel engines.