industrial equipment

Handling the Complexity of Mechatronic System Design

Two design projects highlight how ABB Group leverages optimization-based development to handle the complexity that automation and control systems entail and to maximize mechatronic product performance, meet reliability demands and ease overall environmental impact.

Numerical Optimization of Polymer Die Design for Multiple Objective

How modeFRONTIER was used to apply DOE strategies, manage the automation of CFD runs, and analyze the data for optimized polymer die design

Changing Tack: Moving to Collaborative, Simulation-Led Engineering

Imagine if you could examine dozens, hundreds,thousands of design alternatives before committing to a single component. If you could understand the tradeoffs you’re making between weight, shape and capacity? How each decision affects the system’s reliability, cost or other attribute?

Minimization of the Environmental Emissions of Closed-Loop Supply Chains A case study of returnable transport assets management

A closed-loop supply chain (CLSC) is a system where the forward and reverse flows of items occur and should be managed simultaneously​.  The proper management of a CLSC requires the design, control and operation of the system to maximize value creation over the entire life cycle of a product, with dynamic recovery of value from different types and volumes of returned items​. This aim of this research is to evaluate and minimize the environmental impact of an existing CLSC​.

Optimization of a double sided centrifugal pump

Centrifugal pumps are widely used in industrial applications. Compared to single-entry centrifugal pumps, double-sided pumps allow transportation of greater flow rates due to smaller proneness to cavitation, and offer counter-balancing of axial hydraulic forces due to double-entry design. In turbomachines, usually multiple objectives have to be optimized.​​

Innovative Computer Aided Solidification Technology

ERGOLINES and ESTECO teamed up to elaborate this new technology for 'assisted solidification' of steel to improve further the quality of the final product. The goal is to optimize the stirrer parameters and reduce internal and surface defects, increase product homogeneity and minimize energy consumption.

Study on Efficiency of Solid-Liquid Separator by Vibration Analysis

CHALLENGE - The Solid-Liquid Separator is commonly used for sludge disposal in water purifying plant and draining water off from food. The solid-liquid mixture is separated into solid and liquid by using a screen with slits. Using a screen with narrower slit distance allows to separate finer objectives, although the efficiency is negatively affected by solid clogging at slits. The solution is to adopt a vibrating screen induced by a vibration exciter.

Formulation and optimization of involute spur gear in external gear pump

The study focuses on developing a methodology of designing asymmetric involute gear, and formulate analytical expression for the instantaneous flowrate and flow non-uniformity given by asymmetric, non-standard involute gear pumps. These analytical expressions are then used within a multi-objective numerical optimization algorithm aimed at minimizing both the flow non-uniformity and the pump size to achieve a specific displacement.​

Optimization of a conveyor transfer chute including particle flows

A common problem in the transfer chute is the unbalanced mass flow at the outlet conveyor. The objective consists in reducing the difference in curve averages of total mass in left and right part of the conveyor. Coupling Rocky DEM with modeFRONTIER enabled engineers to select the optimum design that reduced this difference to 0.2%.​

design optimization and testing of high-performance motors

This article has reported on an industrial R&D project aimed at identifying a cost-effective response to the more and more challenging high-speed motor requirements that presently come from the gas industry sector. To meet the very high efficiency, dynamic performance, and reliability standards required by cutting-edge turbomachinery drive applications, a special PM synchronous motor prototype has been developed.