Introduction of the optimization case study of magnetic circuit analysis integrated with jmag

Optimize the shape of a rotor of an interior permanent magnet motor to maximize the average driving torque and minimize the cogging torque. 

Webinar | Optimizing with modeFRONTIER and JMAG

This 1-hour webinar, hosted jointly by ESTECO North America and Powersys Solutions, will demonstrate how modeFRONTIER can optimize the Finite Element Design of an Interior Permanent Magnet (IPM) Electric Machine JMAG model through the direct integration node coupling the two tools.

Application of multidisciplinary optimization to rotor design of interior permanent magnet synchronous motor

In this study, multidisciplinary optimization of IPMSM rotor shape applied for railway traction system was conducted by modeFRONTIER. By automating the optimization process, design engineers can be assigned to more creative project.

Multi-objective optimization of electric motors using modeFRONTIER coupled with JMAG

Read how to integrate and easily pilot the JMAG electromagnetic simulation with the automation capabilities of modeFRONTIER.

Multiobjective Optimization for Motor Form with JMAG-Studio

The optimization of Interior Permanent Magnetic Motor (IPM Motor) was the aim of this study done by CD-adapco JAPAN. Our main focus was maximizing stable torque and minimizing weight of rotor. The optimization process utilized the integration of softwares JMAG-Studio and modeFRONTIER.

JMAG Designer | Integration Node

JMAG-Designer analyzes physical phenomena including complicated geometry, material properties and heat and structure characterization of electromagnetic fields. Using the JMAG node enable users to handle input and output scalar parameters and, in particular, to accurately set and enhance the following dimensions related to the model: