Development and optimization of hydroxyapatite-ß-TCP functionally gradated biomaterial

In this work a method of optimization of mechanical behaviour of an FGM biomaterial coating or scaffold composed of HAP and beta-tricalcium phosphate (ß-TCP) is considered. For coating on titanium-based substrates which have anatase (TiO2) top layer, thermodynamic equilibrium was analysed and the “safe” compositional path was found to ensure preservation of original ceramic phases during processing. 

Multi-objective Optimization in High Voltage Circuit Breaker Development

the presentation focuses on the multi-objective optimization in high voltage circuit breaker development

modeFRONTIER radio frequency exploration at FERMI@Elettra project

The optimization of a high-energy radio frequency deflector (HERFD) geometry has be performed so as to minimize its maximum temperature (50% improvement) and increase resistance (33.33% improvement).