Multi-Criteria Decision Making with modeFRONTIER

The Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) tool in modeFRONTIER provides engineers with an effective framework to operate an informed and successful final choice among the optimal design candidates.

Maserati car body optimization

The object of the analysis is a 3D car body of  a Maserati model. Its aim is related to achieve a complete knowledge about the static and dynamic behavior of the car body in its working conditions. The entire design chain exploration was managed by the multi-objective design environment tool modeFRONTIER, which allows a fast search of the input parameters and the objective functions.

Flap Splitting and Setting of the X31 Wing

A common requirement for fighter planes is the ability to reach high roll angle accelerations, as this parameter is one of most important determinants of the plane's maneuverability. If a plane has two edge flaps on the wings, deflecting the two independently will cause a rolling moment to ensue, which in turn induces a roll acceleration.