ESTECO webinar recording | Shroud Design Exploration using PowerFLOW integrated with modeFRONTIER

ESTECO and EXA hosted a joint webinar on December 14th 2017, presenting the successful integration of PowerFLOW simulation technology in the modeFRONTIER workflow to provide Ditch Witch® with valuable insight to guide the shroud design on one of its Vacuum Excavators.

ESTECO webinar recording | Integrating GT-Suite, ANSA, TaiTherm and modeFRONTIER to optimize a muffler heat shield

ESTECO, Gamma Technologies, BETA CAE Systems and ThermoAnalytics hosted a joint webinar on October 17th 2017, presenting the successful integration of their technologies in the modeFRONTIER workflow to reduce bumper temperature through coupled simulations for a compact car.

ESTECO webinar recording | Reliability based robust design optimization of a free-fall-life-boat

The webinar focuses on a reliability-based optimization method to statistically increase the safety of free fall lifeboats, which are typically used to evacuate passengers in oil platforms and large transport vessels.

NEW WHITE PAPER | Changing Tack: Moving to Collaborative, Simulation-Led Engineering

ESTECO partnered with Schnitger Corp. to answer to these and other questions and shed light on how the products consumers rely on are designed and created: how engineers, designers and other technical types work with stylists, who are in charge of the aesthetical appeal of a product, and with financial types, who are in charge of its cost profile, to create something the market just has to have. 


Groupama Team France Sets Sail in Bermuda's!

Best of luck for the first sail in Bermuda's for the Groupama Team France! The Groupama Team France arrived in the Bermuda's in the light of the 35th America's cup, which will take place from May 26th to June 27th. ESTECO is proud to support the Team on this adventure as a technical partner. ESTECO software, modeFRONTIER, was used to optimize the design of the Team's high-tech racing catamaran. 


ESTECO webinar recording | Integrating XFlow, WB-Sails and modeFRONTIER for olympic sail optimization

Expert engineers from WB-Sails, Next Limit Dynamics and ESTECO are pleased to announce the joint webinar that will demonstrate the advantages of the integration of their software, illustrating the details of the models, and presenting the results of the optimization.

ESA ITI | Development of Robust Design Optimisation of Space Missions

This proposal builds on the results of the Innovation Triangle Initiative (ITI) Stage A "Robust Design Optimisation of Space Missions" previously completed by Prof Vasile at the University of Strathclyde. Our aim is to further develop the concepts investigated in the previous ITI and increase the TRL of the relevant technologies.

ESTECO webinar | Integrating modeFRONTIER with Enventive and ANSYS Workbench

ESTECO and Enventive Engineering Inc. are pleased to present the integration of modeFRONTIER, Enventive®, and Ansys Workbench to optimize the shape of an electrical connector.

M-Fly Team Takes off at the SAE Aero Design Competition 2017 with ESTECO Academy Free Membership

We are proud to sponsor the M-Fly team with free ESTECO Academy membership. Our innovative optimization technology will support their engineering effort to stand out at the next SAE Aero Design Competition to be held in March 2017.

ESTECO webinar | Robust Design Optimization with modeFRONTIER 2016

ESTECO Webinar series goes on with a focus on Robust Design Optimization and Resource-Intensive computations in modeFRONTIER 2016.  While tackling optimization within manufacturing process, engineers face uncertainty with regards to design variables and problem parameters from various sources. These uncertainties impact the optimization process both in terms of reliability and in terms of robustness.