mva clustering

Supporting Exploration of Design Alternatives using Multivariate Analysis Algorithms

This study of a sports center investigates using modeFRONTIER's set of multivariate analysis algorithms for exploration of the design space.The proposed method is computationally efficient and integrated into an environment familiar to architects. It relies on algorithms together with database querying capabilities available in PostgreSQL and a developed dashboard, which uses the Grasshopper interface.

Multiobjective Aerospace mission performance optimization with Systems Tool Kit (STK) and modeFRONTIER

Learn how to exploit the state-of-the-art software technologies provided by ESTECO (modeFRONTIER) and AGI (STK) in an integrated approach that allows the capability to perform multiobjective studies and trade-off analysis between mission performance and cost.

Introduction of the optimization case study of magnetic circuit analysis integrated with jmag

Optimize the shape of a rotor of an interior permanent magnet motor to maximize the average driving torque and minimize the cogging torque. 

Design Optimization Applications in Automotive Industry

Where is optimization heading to at Ford Research & Advanced Engineering? Ren-Jye Yang, Senior Technical Leader, gives a comprehensive perspective on past, present and future optimization practices.

The Application of Multi-Attribute Optimization as a Systems Engineering Tool in an Automotive CAE Environment

Multi-Attribute Optimization (MAO) is proposed as a tool for delivering high value products within the systems engineering approach taken in the automotive industry. This work focuses on MAO methods that use Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) analyses to build a metamodel of system behaviour.

Application of multidisciplinary optimization to rotor design of interior permanent magnet synchronous motor

In this study, multidisciplinary optimization of IPMSM rotor shape applied for railway traction system was conducted by modeFRONTIER. By automating the optimization process, design engineers can be assigned to more creative project.

Coupling efficient multivariate analysis and optimization strategies with an innovative flow solver for hull hydrodynamics

In this work, an innovative flow solver based on OPENFOAM® 1 technology that combines free surface effects with a viscous solution is employed for accurate drag prediction with fast turnaround times ideally suited for an optimization study

Multi-objective Optimization for Production and Supply Chain System

Modeling is an effective way for designing, understanding or analyzing real-world processes and systems. A model facilitates a decision maker to gain a better understanding of the complexity of a process/system and evaluate/predict its performance under various circumstances. The modeling method for supply chain proposed in this talk is based on system dynamics (SD), which is an approach based on information feedbacks and delays in the model in order to understand the dynamical behavior a system. A SD model facilitates the representation, both graphically and mathematically, of the interactions governing the dynamic behavior of the studied system or process as well as the analysis of the interactions and their emergent effects. 

Multi-objective Optimization with modeFRONTIER Applied to Systems Biology

In this article modeFRONTIER was used to automate and optimize an analysis model written in MathModelica, a modelling and simulation software based on Modelica. The goal of the optimization process was not to identify a single solution to the model-fitting problem, but rather multiple solutions with acceptably small errors but at the same time with as widely varying parameters as possible.