Changing Tack: Moving to Collaborative, Simulation-Led Engineering

Imagine if you could examine dozens, hundreds,thousands of design alternatives before committing to a single component. If you could understand the tradeoffs you’re making between weight, shape and capacity? How each decision affects the system’s reliability, cost or other attribute?

modeFRONTIER product update and roadmap @UM17

This presentation explores modeFRONTIER's current and future developments. Faster optimization and improved usability are the leitmotifs of the latest upgrades of modeFRONTIER.

Synthesis, cytotoxicity and antiviral evaluation of new series

The entire molecular dynamics (MD) simulation and data analysis procedure was optimized by Amber 14 in modeFRONTIER that allowed to define a molecular rationale for the anti-BVDV activity.

Inverse derivation of constants for the constitutive equation and fatigue model of PB-free solder joints based on experiment results, finite element simulation and virtual optimization methodology

A novel approach of deriving the constants for lead free solder creep constitutive equation and fatigue model has been proposed in this paper. In this approach, the constitutive parameters and fatigue model constants were determined retrospectively based on the test results of selected lead-free BGA packages, multi-objective optimization, and finite element modeling. ANSYS and modeFRONTIER are coupled in this methodology.


In this study, LUCID motors, California-based electric-vehicle company and battery-pack supplier, developed a design strategy to built an inverter and employed modeFRONTIER to perform channel and manifold optimization in order to minimize pressure and temperature ratio.​

Parameterization and Multi-objective Optimization

This thesis aims to optimize a control arm of a car with multiobjective optimization methods based on NX and modeFRONTIER. The study attempts to identify the best algorithms for the design considering given requirements. The overall goal is to reduce weight while maintaining the same stiffness.This research is done as a contribution to the SupLight EC research project.

Performance indices and evaluation of algorithms in building energy efficient design optimization

Algorithms play a critical role in the effectiveness and efficiency of building energy efficient design optimizations. Stability, robustness, coverage, speed, validity, and locality indices are proposed in this study, to comprehensively evaluate the performance of optimization algorithms. Three commonly used optimization algorithms, namely HookeeJeeves, MOGA-II, and MOPSO, are selected for evaluation.

Optimization of laser micro milling of alumina ceramic using radial basis functions and MOGA II

This paper considers the analysis and optimization of laser micro milling of alumina ceramics using smooth spline analysis of variance (ANOVA), radial basis functions (RBF), and a multi-objective genetic algorithm (MOGA-II). The workflow for the optimization study is developed using the software modeFRONTIER.

Numerical multi objective optimization of a squirrel cage induction motor for industrial application

This paper reports the optimization process of a MW-size, medium voltage, squirrel cage induction motor for industrial applications. The main optimization targets are the power density increase in the strict respect of given Oil&Gas international regulations.  The optimization method is based on genetic multiobjective search, and involves key geometrical variables of the electromagnetic design, processed by means of a dedicated hybrid FEA and analytical algorithm; the optimization is based on the commercial software modeFRONTIER.

Multi-objective Optimization of a V6 3.0L diesel engine under different operative conditions

This study couples optimizer modeFRONTIER and GT-SUITE in the configuration of an engine model. The aim is to improve performance over a wide range of operating conditions including full load, part load and transient maneuvers. The choice of the final optimum has been made thanks to the MCDM tool.