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Structural design exploration of high rise design concepts using genetic algorithms

The adoption of optimization algorithms has been slower in conceptual design compared to the later design phases. The choices made during the conceptual design phase have a large impact on the performance of the result. This research aims to find out why it is so hard to use optimization in conceptual design.

Hull surface modification for ship resistance performance optimization based on delaunay triangulation

The hull surface modification method plays a vital role in ship hydrodynamic performance optimization, and should meet the following requirements:in order to save optimization time, hull surface modification should be achieved using few design parameters; the modification range of the hull form should be sufficiently large; the local modified hull surface should have a fairing connection with other parts of the hull surface; the optimal hull form should be suitable for applying to manufacturing.

Optimization of air distribution mode coupled interior design for civil aircraft cabin

The airflow distribution and thermal comfort of human beings in civil aircraft cabin are influenced by many factors such as the ventilation mode, ventilation air volume, and supply air temperature and so on. Among these factors, the choice of ventilation mode in the civil aircraft cabin is also restricted by the interior and aesthetic designs.

Handling the Complexity of Mechatronic System Design

Two design projects highlight how ABB Group leverages optimization-based development to handle the complexity that automation and control systems entail and to maximize mechatronic product performance, meet reliability demands and ease overall environmental impact.

Optimization in Composite Materials modelling and simulation

Advances in simulation tools provide engineers and material scientists the opportunity to streamline the computational design of complex composite materials and parts. Integration of optimization and material modelling software, such as modeFRONTIER and DIGIMAT, allows time and resources saving while increasing composites performance. 

Numerical Optimization of Polymer Die Design for Multiple Objective

How modeFRONTIER was used to apply DOE strategies, manage the automation of CFD runs, and analyze the data for optimized polymer die design

Aerodynamic Design Best Practices Using PowerFlow and modeFRONTIER optimization

The best practices developed by Exa and ESTECO ensure accurate simulation results and a streamlined process for vehicle design optimization

Figure 1. Regions of design morphs and related flow features

Multidisciplinary Optimization of Unmanned Aircraft Considering radar signature sensors and trajectory constraints

The optimization problem of the present case study is about improving the radar signature and sensor capabilities of the aircraft while at the same time ensuring that it can perform well in the given mission profile and that it has acceptable flying characteristics.​

Influence of actual component characteristics on the optimal energy mix of a photovoltaic-wind-diesel hybrid system for a remote off-grid application

Hybrid energy systems are an interesting solution for the electrification of remote, off-grid users, which usually are obligated to satisfy their electricity demand by means of quite old technologies, like for example diesel generators. In the present study, a sizing strategy was developed based on a long-term energy production cost analysis, able to predict the optimum configuration of a hybrid PV-wind-diesel stand-alone system. The approach was tested on an isolated mountain chalet in Italian Alps.

Optimization of a double sided centrifugal pump

Centrifugal pumps are widely used in industrial applications. Compared to single-entry centrifugal pumps, double-sided pumps allow transportation of greater flow rates due to smaller proneness to cavitation, and offer counter-balancing of axial hydraulic forces due to double-entry design. In turbomachines, usually multiple objectives have to be optimized.​​