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Damage characterization of aluminum 2024 thin sheet for different stress triaxialities

Due to its attractive mechanical properties, aluminum 2024 is widely used in aircraft manufacturing industries, especially as fiber metal laminates, such as GLARE. In the present work, a series of experiments for different stress triaxialities are used to study the ductile damage of Al 2024 considering continuum damage mechanics (CDM).​

Multiobjective Sizing Optimization of a Steel Girder Bridge with a Simple Target–Driven approach

The structure considered in this study is a bridge consisting of four identical and equally–spaced steel girders with flanges welded to the web. The beams are supposed to bear a concrete slab, an asphalt layer and two sidewalks. ​A reference optimization is performed by using the modeFRONTIER MOGA-II algorithm in order to find a series of compromise solutions between small seismic horizontal displacements and small weight values.