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A CAD-based method for multi-objectives optimization of mechanical products

This study integrates three different levels of analysis: optimization problem definition, virtual prototyping and design optimization in order to reduce manufacturing time and cost in the mechanical field. The test case is a modular structure used in armchairs with the purpose of redesigning it to find an optimal solution with the use of CAD models, FEM software, and modeFRONTIER.

Parametric Optimization of a Ladder Vehicle Chassis

In this optimization process, modeling and simulation are done by coupling softwares ANSYS and modeFRONTIER. The objective is the reduction of dimensions of a vehicle ladder chassis, using a Cargo C-816 model, conceptually compound by two stringers and five traverse beams that connect them. FEA and concepts of manufacturing processes and mechanic of materials are used to certify the structure’s integrity after the initial volume reduction.

Study to Develop Optimum Shape for Compressor Entrance Guide Vane

An inlet guide vane is designed for an Ecotorq EU6 engine in this study at Ford Otosan, Turkey. The optimization of this component is performed with a workflow built by modeFRONTIER software with focus on two main output parameters for the study, swirl ratio and pressure drop. The workflow incorporates CATIA, StarCCM+ and combines two operating systems (Windows and Linux).


MUSICAS is a project aimed to demonstrate that the rational integration of existing software in a business infrastructure can consider that automating processes may lead to effective methodologies. This project explores multiphysics modelling R&D of the welding process.

Optimization of a small and lightweight antenna for handheld RFID reader

This presentation demonstrates the successful coupling of the two softwares modeFRONTIER and CST for the enabling of multidisciplinary optimization of a waveguide and the antenna of a RFID portable reader. Overall, in the first case, modeFRONTIER helped meet the design targets, whereas in the second case it identified the best compromise between the most important requirements. 

Enhancing deterministic synthesis of antenna arrays with stochastic methods

The optimization of a CubeSat array antenna is explored in this work. The integration of CST Microwave Studio and modeFRONTIER is chosen for the proposed methodology. Specifically, the optimization of a geometrically uniform array is explored to improve efficiency.

Case study of circuit element position optimization

When temperature increases in a circuit element, it is not easy to find an optimal solution in limited time to lower temperature. In this case study, a solution is inferred from a combination optimization algorithm using modeFRONTIER as well as data analysis.

Multi-concept & multi-goal propeller-based propulsion system optimization

A multi-concept based propeller design problem is posed in this multi-objective optimization study. The best propeller and propulsion system for prescribed flight conditions is searched for with focus on two design objectives. The use of modeFRONTIER brings accurate results in terms of a large number of concepts. The multi-concept method allows a simultaneous search for separate Pareto front for each concept, and obtaining multiple leading Pareto fronts.

Method development for early architectural optimization of a wheel suspension system

A two-phase optimization approach is developed for the optimization of a rear wheel suspension system with the goal of reducing NVH, and improving ride and handling. The softwares modeFRONTIER and MotionSolve are coupled to find the optimal results in order to meet requirements for lowest cost and weight.

Multidisciplinary Design Optimization of Vehicle Weight Reduction

In this study from ESTECO North America, a six-step MDO process is illustrated by solving a 2001 Taurus weight reduction problem with two formulations AAO and CO. The chosen optimization platform is modeFRONTIER plus SOMO. Conclusions show the advantages to using AAO methodology in MDO.