Optimization in Composite Materials modelling and simulation

Advances in simulation tools provide engineers and material scientists the opportunity to streamline the computational design of complex composite materials and parts. Integration of optimization and material modelling software, such as modeFRONTIER and DIGIMAT, allows time and resources saving while increasing composites performance. 

Flutter Based Aeroelastic Optimization of an Aircraft Wing with Analytical Approach

This paper presents a flutter prediction methodology for three dimensional wing and wing/store configurations by using the well-known Goland and AGARD 445.6 aeroelastic wing models. Flutter analysis of the AGARD 445.6 wing is performed with an in-house flutter solution code coupled with the optimization software, modeFRONTIER. 

Analysis of manufacturing supply chains using system dynamics and multi-objective optimization

Supply chains are complex networks where multiple performance measures point at different levels, hence decision making is more than a single objective optimization problem. The aim of this work is  to introduce a methodology to address supply chain management problems within a multi-objective optimization environment using modeFRONTIER.

Determination of interfacial Heat Transfer Coefficients in a sand mould casting process using an optimized inverse analysis

Determination of the interface heat transfer coefficients in casting processes is fundamental for a reliable numerical model to predict common defects like hot tear or residual stress. Using the results of the optimization procedure in modeFRONTIER, the methodology helped determine the correct values of the input variables for modeling the casting process of superduplex stainless steel.

DOE sensitivity analysis of urban morphology factors regarding solar irradiation on buildings envelope in the Brazilian tropical context

This paper aims at identifying the most sensitive urban morphological parameters from a set of well-known energy-related indicators on improving solar energy potential and illuminance level over building facades, in tropical cities in Brazil. A reduced factorial DOE method coupled to a Simplified Radiosity Algorithm (SRA), is used to evaluate the irradiation availability on building envelope.

Assessment Of Cost-Optimality And Technical Solutions In High Performance Multi-Residential Buildings In The Mediterranean Area

CHALLENGE - The European policy framework is focused on reducing energy consumption in the building sector, establishing that minimum energy performance requirements have to be set to achieve cost-optimal levels. This paper shows the application of a methodology to identify cost-optimal levels in new residential buildings located in the Mediterranean area.

modeFRONTIER as a Design Optimization Educational Tool

This presentation shows how the course is structured and how to guide students to gain both theoretical knowledge on optimization-based design and acquire some practical experience using state-of-the-art optimization tools such as modeFRONTIER.

The Birmingham Canal Navigation Challenge

Win the Birmingham Canal Navigation Challenge, in which boats have 24 hours of continuous cruising to accrue points awarded on the basis of locks used, miles traveled and remoteness of the canal and locations visited.

Towards Zero Energy Industrial Halls- Simulation and Optimization with Integrated Design Approach

Net-zero energy building (NZEB) is thought to be the building of choice, but in practice, is also synonym to high investment cost. It is, therefore, very important to investigate if the amount of the additional capital investment could be recouped from the energy saving (or generation).

Towards Handling Many Objectives Initial Results Using NSGA-III

Existing Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization (EMO) methods encounter some difficulties
in handling design problems characterized by more than three conflicting objectives. The invited lecture present the promising initial results of the NSGA III adaptive algorithm in dealing with such problems.