other applications

Fluid-dynamic Optimization of Kayak and Rowing boats

The study major target is to improve and optimize sporting equipment used by Italian Olympic athletes in the Summer and/or Winter Olympic games.Starting from the parametric CAD model developed in CATIA V5, the CFD model has been developed and integrated into modeFRONTIER optimization platform to achieve the requested goals.The rudder and fin design has been developed, according to Olympic Game regulation, in order to increase performance and (when possible) stability.

Calibration and experimental validation of LS-DYNA composite material models by multi objective optimization techniques

In this example, the virtual prototyping procedure is tested to design and to predict reliability crashing behavior of motorcycle protective equipments. T he procedure adopted an integrated experimental-numerical method for the calibration of LS-DYNA input parameters for material model 58 and 63, by means of the integrated platform modeFRONTIER.