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Optimization: I do not think you know what that word means

While many techniques and tools are available to perform an optimization analysis, during the relative quick pace of automotive development the difficulty is having the time to use these tools to find an optimal solution considering the number of variables and types of analyses that need to be included in the process. 

Vehicle occupant restraint system design under uncertainty by using multi-objective robust design optimization

The Multi-Objective Robust Design Optimization (MORDO) is employed for the vehicle occupant restraint system design. The optimization aims to improve the safety performance of the system and its robustness simultaneously.

Reliability-based Robust Design Optimization Using Polynomial Chaos Expansion for Aero-Engine Inlet Applications

This paper describes the methodologies developed by ESTECO during the UMRIDA European Project, dedicated to Uncertainty Management and Robust Design Optimization and implemented in the modeFRONTIER software platform. The implementation and the results of an automatic Multi-Objective Robust Design Optimization methodology applied to a problem in the aerospace industry is described: the acoustic performance optimization of the liner of a typical regional jet engine nacelle (produced for the application treated in this paper by Leonardo Aircraft). 

Innovative methodologies for Robust Design Optimization with large number of uncertainties using modeFRONTIER

This paper describes the methodologies that have been developed by ESTECO during the first phase of the UMRIDA European Project, conducted in the fields of Uncertainty Management and Robust Design Optimization, implemented in the software platform modeFRONTIER. Aeronautical test cases proposed by UMRIDA consortium are used to verify the validity of the methodologies. 

Multi-objective optimization and sensitivity analysis of a cogeneration system for a hospital facility

In this study, a certain methodology has been used to conduct several analyses on the basis of the loads of a specific hospital facility and the study of the cogeneration system-user interaction. The plant configurations and management strategies analyzed in this work show substantial primary energy savings. A predictive analysis of this interaction was conducted using a simulative thermo-economic approach using modeFRONTIER. 

Guideline Identification for Optimization under Uncertainty through the Optimization of a Boomerang Trajectory

In this paper we address the process of optimization under uncertainty (OUU) through the optimization of a boomerang trajectory. All the simulations were done with the modeFRONTIER integration platform for multiobjective and multidisciplinary optimization. To reduce the computational cost, we consider variable screening as a preliminary step before performing a stochastic optimization. For the latter we use a method that combines robustness and reliability assessments within a single optimization run. 

Automated Deployment of Modelica Models in Excel via Functional

This paper demonstrates a method for automated deployment of models as FMU-based simulators in Microsoft Excel using FMI Add-in for Excel. Integration of the automated simulators in Excel with modeFRONTIER brings a powerful suite of analysis and optimization capabilities to the simulator toolchain. Several examples are used to demonstrate the entire toolchain.

Informs 2016 Annual Meeting

ESTECO is proud to take part in the 2016 INFORMS Annual Meeting that will be held in in the Music City Center and the adjacent Omni Nashville Hotel Nashville from November 13th to 16th, 2016. The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) is the largest society in the world for professionals in the field of operations research (O.R.), management science and analytics.

Robust Design Optimization of a Free-Fall-Life-Boat (FFLB) Using Fluid-Structure Interaction and Kinematics Analysis

A free fall lifeboat, or FFLB, is the focus in this optimization methodology run in modeFRONTIER, coupling ANSA, Meta and the FSI solver. A Kinematic solver calculates the initial conditions of the FSI analysis for different initial positions of the vessel, provided by the DoE tool. The results lead to useful conclusions for the lifeboat's robust trajectory.

Multi-objective robust optimization of the closing functionality of a trunk lid

A demonstration of the optimization of a car trunk lid closing functionality is presented in this work from the Body and Closures Department at Volvo Cars. The lid should be easy to close yet not damage the car even if it is slammed shut by full force.The approach uses a workflow designed in modeFRONTIER to shorten development time and find the solution these contradicting demands.