robust design & 6sigma

Analysis of buckling and structural optimization of low-pressure turbine casing for a civil airplane engine

The principal aim of this work is the optimization of the casing geometry in order to reduce the structural weight, increasing the resistance to the buckling collapse. We will use the FEM model choosing opportunely some geometric parameters, to define the design--space of possible geometric cross-section shapes. We operate the optimization under the worst load case chosen between the estimated work conditions.

Multi-Objective and Multi-Constraint Ride -Comfort and Handling Optimization with modeFRONTIER

The applications involved 4 different vehicle models in the customized version of ADAMS/Car MBSHARC for a unique optimization involving two conflicting objectives Ride-Comfort and Handling performance. The studies allowed to gain a deep understanding of the correlation between all parameters and performances. The optimization allowed a certain improvement of both aspects Handling and Comfort and in particular enabled to choose a “best compromise” considering the personalized target setting related to different vehicles. 

Application of optimization techniques to components of complex assemblies

Design optimization consists in the application to real systems of numerical algorithms and techniques to assist designers, engineers and scientists in identifying the optimum design that meets all requirements. 

Application Example of Multi Objective Tolerance Design using R-MORDO of modeFRONTIER

The presentation focuses on an Application Example of Multi Objective Tolerance Design using R-MORDO of modeFRONTIER

Multi-objective design optimization of industrial roll-to-roll systems using modeFRONTIER

The following proceeding, presented at the User Meeting 2012, focuses on the multi-objective design optimization of industrial roll-to-roll systems using modeFRONTIER

Design Optimization and Robust Design for Fatigue

HBM nCode is a powerful tool used for fatigue and durability analysis, and this presentation illustrates some integration cases with modeFRONTIER, for multi-objective optimization design.
The first case is relative to the Robust Design, or Design under Uncertainties, of an aluminium carter. The structural model is defined in Ansys Workbench, and the stress results are elaborated by HBM nCode to compute the Design Life; both software are easily integrated in modeFRONTIER workflow. 

Methodology for Combustion Engine Multi-Objective Optimization using Meta-Models and Genetic Algorithms

This work presents a methodology for multi-objective optimization of a Diesel-engine. The objectives are maximizing the brake power while minimizing NOx emissions, using GT-POWER for the combustion analysis and modeFRONTIER for Design of Experiment (DOE) and multi-objective optimization. In the optimization process, modeFRONTIER runs in batch GT-POWER to create the new designs and to do the engine calculations

Are Optimized Design Solutions Robust A Case in Point - Industrial Halls with Varying Process Loads and Occupancy Patterns

Through building performance simulation and optimization, this paper will identify the most optimal combinations of values of demand side parameters that will minimize the total energy consumption of ventilation, heating, and lighting for a typical industrial hall.

The impact of multi-objective numerical optimization in Biomedical Engineering

This article focuses mainly on the application of design of experiments, multi-objective optimization and robustness analysis technologies.

Multidisciplinary robust optimization of a F1 rear wing

This project is focused on applying a robust optimization method in the design of a real part. The work consisted of analyzing the aerodynamic and structural effects applied to a rear wing of a Formula-type vehicle.