Application of Optimization Algorithm to the HVAC Configuration Design

In this study, the optimization calculation of a HVAC configuration upstream the evaporator which governs evaporator transit flow distribution uniformity and the HVAC total pressure drop was tried.

Shape Optimization of A Floor Duct For Weight and Pressure Drop Using modeFRONTIER and Sculptor

The following presentation focuses on the shape optimization of a floor duct for weight and pressure drop using modeFRONTIER and Sculptor

Automatic Shape Optimization of Aerodynamic Properties of Cars

The aim of this work is to develop an automatic shape optimization procedure where simulations are run on a computer cluster. The user input is limited and the optimization is made automatic by connecting three commercial codes in a closed optimization loop, i.e. AVL Fire (mesh generation and CFD calculations), modeFRONTIER (optimization, process automation and post-processing) and Sculptor (mesh deformation).

Car style optimization by CFD and modeFRONTIER

Due to various difficulties in performing the classic aerodynamic optimization, a new RSM-based approach (Adaptive Multi-Stage Response Surface Modeling) has been developed, resulting in lower CFD calculation costs, more accurate response surfaces and sampling robustness

3D Shape Optimization For Supercritical Flow using modeFRONTIER

modeFRONTIER has been used for the complex optimization of several aspects of an experimental fuel cell-powered air vehicle, such as air intake, stability, external drag and profile


Morphological Shape Optimization of a Three Dimensional Piston Bowl using modeFRONTIER and Sculptor

This presentation explain how to set up a morphological shape optimization project by integrating Converge CFD and Sculptor with modeFRONTIER This procedure simplifies the entire routine and productivity increases 5 times thanks to the automation of tasks. By quickly parametrizing complex models and controlling the whole process just from the interface of modeFRONTIER, designers avoid to build the initial mesh and have no need to “re-CAD” or “re-mesh


This Webinar, hosted jointly by ESTECO and Optimal Solutions, provides a demonstration of the new interface between the modeFRONTIER and Sculptor, including some relevant case studies where the direct coupling has been used.

Automotive Aerodynamic Design Exploration Employing New Optimization Methodology Based on CFD

In the past few decades, a number of environmentally friendly technologies in the automotive industry have been developed. Automotive styling is also regarded as an important factor in resolving environmental issues by reducing drag force, which results in high fuel efficiency. This paper demonstrates an efficient automotive aerodynamic optimization process and automatic system based on CFD.