sensitivity analysis

Aerodynamic Structural and Esability Design of a Mini-VANT

This work develops a multidisciplinary optimization methodology to create the conceptual design of a mini-UAV. The optimization, implemented in the commercial software modeFRONTIER, analyses several configurations, looking for an aircraft with less mass, and that meets the restrictions.

modeFRONTIER optimisation on financial markets

The basic portfolio optimization theory hinges on the discrete time, continuous outcome paradigm otherwise known as the mean-variance or Markowitz paradigm. In 1952, Harry Markowitz introduced this approach, which is widely used in applications involving investment portfolios. Mean-variance theory assumes that among portfolios with the same standard deviation, the one with the greatest expected value is the most efficient. 

Multi-Objective Optimization of BGA Packages

In this presentation we will describe an optimization procedure that can be conveniently and efficiently employed for determining: The design parameters that are critical for BGA packages; their relative importance and the actual BGA the actual BGA optimal design optimal design

Multi-objective Optimization in High Voltage Circuit Breaker Development

the presentation focuses on the multi-objective optimization in high voltage circuit breaker development

Design Optimization for Human WellBeing and Overall System Performance

In the following study AnyBody software has been employed within the optimization environment of modeFRONTIER to create a very helpful tool to calculate and optimize the muscular-skeletal forces for general movements of the human body to optimize ergonomic situations.

Robust Design Framework for IIHS Rear Impact

The presentation focuses on the robust design framework for IIHS rear impact

Robust Design of An Inflatable Knee Bolster

This paper investigates an integrated robust design approach for occupant restraint system by taking advantages of design of experiments, variable screening, stochastic meta-modeling, and genetic algorithm. An inflatable knee bolster design is used as an example to demonstrate the methodology; however, the proposed method is applicable for all occupant restraint system design problems.

Multi Objective Robust Design Optimization of Vehicle Stability Control using CarSim and modeFRONTIER

In this presentation the integration of CarSim and Simulink into modeFRONTIER environment is shown. The use of robust design optimization applied to the tuning parameters of the controller allow the fast development of a system capable of controlling the the car stability even without the help of a viscous joint.