sensitivity analysis

Chaboche Material Model Optimization for Evaluation of Residual Stress Field in Cold Worked Holes

The following presentation focuses on the Chaboche material model optimization for evaluation of residual stress field in cold worked holes.

Game Theory Optimisation with CAD in the loop for CFD application

In the following presentation a parametric model of a 3D wing has been prepared using Catia v5, here a modular program links and steers Catia, mesh generator, flow solver and the optimization algorithm in an automated way. Furthermore, different multi-objective algorithms have been tested (and 3D case), in particular algorithms based on Game Theory and EA​.

Multiple Regression Analysis of OSC Characteristics Under Transient TWC Conditions

TWC contain Oxygen Storage Component (OSC) materials to enhance HC, CO and NOx performance under A/F transient conditions. At the same time, it is necessary for the vehicle on board diagnostics (OBD) system to monitor that the catalyst OSC is functioning correctly. However, detailed understanding of how OSC characteristics can simultaneously match gas performance and OBD functionality are not well known.

Multi-Objective and Multi-Constraint Ride -Comfort and Handling Optimization with modeFRONTIER

The applications involved 4 different vehicle models in the customized version of ADAMS/Car MBSHARC for a unique optimization involving two conflicting objectives Ride-Comfort and Handling performance. The studies allowed to gain a deep understanding of the correlation between all parameters and performances. The optimization allowed a certain improvement of both aspects Handling and Comfort and in particular enabled to choose a “best compromise” considering the personalized target setting related to different vehicles. 

Multidisciplinary design optimization of aerospace structures with aeroelastic criteria

The purpose of this presentation is to develop a robust design methodology to couple commercial codes for full aeroelastic optimization purpose to yield a convenient adaptation to engineering applications in industry

Inspiring the next generation of engineers

The presentation focuses on how to inspire the next generation of engineers

Application Example of Multi Objective Tolerance Design using R-MORDO of modeFRONTIER

The presentation focuses on an Application Example of Multi Objective Tolerance Design using R-MORDO of modeFRONTIER

modeFRONTIER, a Facilitator for MEMS Design Optimization Integration

The focus of this proceeding is the use of modeFRONTIER as Facilitator for MEMS Design Optimization Integration

Statistical variability consideration in finite elements model variables using modeFrontier

The aim of this presentation is the statistical variability consideration in finite elements model variables using modeFRONTIER