Development of a multiobjective methodology for layout optimization of equipments in artificial satellites

The National Institute for Space Research (INPE) produces science and technology in the areas of space and terrestrial environment and offer unique products and services on behalf of Brazil. In this paper, INPE uses Pareto optimality criterion to create an artificial satellite that has a structure supporting the many pieces of equipment placed inside. By using modeFRONTIER, INPE was capable of creating designs that were better than the original manual design despite the many limiting constraints.

The best compromise between stress and weight at SACMI

SACMI is a global OEM (Original-Equipment- Manufacturer), market leader in the production of machines and complete plants for the Ceramics, Packaging (Beverage and Closures&Containers), Food and Plastics industries. The goal of this analysis was to find a light but strong piston geometry in order to improve the Compression Molding Machine performance in terms of tensile and yield strength.

A multidisciplinary framework to support the design of injection mold tools

The design of injection mold tools is a complex process for which market pressures demand ever-shorter development time and higher quality level. Thus, it is considered imperative to adopt new methods and tools to support the design process, in order to achieve a more effective mold design solution. 

Metodologia de Analise de Implante Bioreabsorvivel Aplicado em Coluna Lombar Utilizando Modelagem por Elementos Finitos e Curva de Degradacao

Bioresorbable materials, consisting mainly of polymers, have as main components, lactic acid and bioengineering studies, which is the bioresorption process, i.e., the braking of polymer by hydrolysis into lactic acid and glycolic acid. These monomers are eliminated through body natural cycle called Krebs cycle. 

Multi-objective optimization applied to the mass reduction of a plastic part

The case study presents a multidisciplinary optimization related to the thermoplastic industry. At the PEP technical center for innovation on thermoplastic injection modeFRONTIER to obtain the optimal combination of materials and dimensions. The innovative power of the optimization methodology lies in the possibility to identify solutions which have not even been considered at the first steps of the design process.

Application of multidisciplinary optimization to rotor design of interior permanent magnet synchronous motor

In this study, multidisciplinary optimization of IPMSM rotor shape applied for railway traction system was conducted by modeFRONTIER. By automating the optimization process, design engineers can be assigned to more creative project.

Application of Multi Objective Genetics Algorithm (MOGA) to Design and Development of an Artificial Organs

In the study presented „CAO was not only effective in reducing the time, cost, and labor associated with developing artificial organs, but also it was useful as support system for the design and development of high-performance artificial organs.„ Nowadays, design and development of artificial organs is in the transitional stage of fusing computer and designer' experience based on fundamental experiment.

Inspiring the next generation of engineers

The presentation focuses on how to inspire the next generation of engineers

Automated Process and Geometry Design Optimization of a Coal Combustion Reactor

At the current situation of the world with the rising demand of energy consumption, increasing energy prices and environmental concerns, design of efficient combustion and gasification processes becomes an important engineering problem. Moreover, design of an efficient and environmental friendly system, with all the complexities and conflicting objectives is a challenging process which is not solvable by conventional design and optimization methods

modeFRONTIER radio frequency exploration at FERMI@Elettra project

The optimization of a high-energy radio frequency deflector (HERFD) geometry has be performed so as to minimize its maximum temperature (50% improvement) and increase resistance (33.33% improvement).