structural analysis

Driving Product Development with CAE and System Design at Whirlpool Corporation | UM14

Whirpool aims to cultivate advanced engineering knowledge in dynamics, structures, fluids, thermodynamics and controls, and embed it in the design process. In doing so, they strive to shorten the design cycle, minimize the reliance on build-and-test methods and leverage the global talent within the company.

Numerical Multi-objective Optimization of an Innovative Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Induction Motor

The objective was to maximize the power of a TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) induction machine considering the API & SHELL performance and technical constraints and minimize the specific power cost in the oil and gas market segment. 

Improvement of engine acoustic behavior

The Simulation Dept. at BMW Motoren is responsible for improving diesel engines designs from the structural, acoustic, dynamic and fluid-dynamic point of view. In this presentation, BMW engineers aim to reduce noise generation of the combustion chamber that travels through the engine cover plate. 

Composite Material Multi-Objective Optimization Using Ansa, mETA and modeFRONTIER

modeFRONTIER workflow automation and optimization capabilities enabled Formula 1 car front wing engineers to integrate with ANSA and mETA software and reduce the weight by 27.4% and the angle of attack by 2.5%, thereby significantly improving the drag coefficient.

The best compromise between stress and weight at SACMI

SACMI is a global OEM (Original-Equipment- Manufacturer), market leader in the production of machines and complete plants for the Ceramics, Packaging (Beverage and Closures&Containers), Food and Plastics industries. The goal of this analysis was to find a light but strong piston geometry in order to improve the Compression Molding Machine performance in terms of tensile and yield strength.

Upfront CAE Driven Design “The Future of Simulation”

Competition and customer demand are constantly pushing automotive manufacturers to launch new models at shorter intervals while satisfying the ever increasing demands in performance, environmental impact and costs. In order to remain competitive, an automotive OEM must cope by applying continuous pressure to reduce cost and improve design while reducing deployment time.

OPTIMHEX Project - developing an innovative methodology for Heat Exchangers (HE) design

Develop a versatile, innovative methodology for designing virtual HE models that targets performance, materials, weight, size and manufacturability as an alternative to conventional approaches requiring prototyping and physical testing.

Optimization Applied to the Bearing Design of an Automotive Subsystem

Researchers at SKF Automotive Development Centre aimed at improving their bearing design for automotive subsystems by reducing the friction at the wheel-end by 30% while respecting the life service requirements. The results of each study listed remarkable improvements (up to 19%) and allowed researchers to consider different bearing configurations, in terms of number of rollers and size, and spot the optimal friction reduction conveying robustness improvements to the bearing.

Numerical Optimization of Analytical Measurement Techniques to Contribute to Improvement of Product Engineering Techniques

Ensuring high product reliability by preventing human error when performing physical and chemical analysis of hardware is key to Fujitsu analytical group. Nanometer level measurement or tools like the low-dose alpha rays detectors are indispensable for demonstrating the high reliability of the company’s products. However, the setup and calibration phases can be very tedious and challenging.

modeFRONTIER orchestrates system modelling at Whirlpool Corporation

Whirlpool Corporation is the world leader in the appliances industry, with 59 manufacturing and technology centers operating globally and strongly committed to maintaining its innovation-oriented strategy. Whirlpool has successfully devised a system of tools that enables the ongoing connection and engagement throughout the network of design teams worldwide. modeFRONTIER plays a key role in streamlining system modeling tasks and helps Whirlpool rationalize the whole process and adapt it efficiently to regional peculiarities, providing diversified product lines.