Complex workflow management

Streamline the execution of complex simulation processes and effectively manage system-level optimization.

Complex engineering problems include the necessity to take into account multiple disciplines, consider high number of interrelated variables, and run multiple third party simulation software.

Our automatized, workflow-based environment for multidisciplinary optimization enables you to efficiently execute complex integration chains, break large engineering problems into modules, and schedule nested optimizations from within the main workflow to improve the overall efficiency of your design process.

Minimize complexity / Maximize efficiency


Create modules/subprocesses within the main workflow


Run the workflow and
its subprocesses automatically


Run nested optimization within subprocess modules


Loop process execution and reuse the subprocess modules

ESTECO's process automation technology equips designers with a number of tools specifically developed for this approach.

Automatic Workflow Creation

Set your workflow in few clicks, save time and streamline process complexity

Automatically create workflow elements based on your design models and avoid manual configuration of each of the nodes.

Follow a simple guided procedure to quickly add input, output and multiple application nodes to your worklow, in an orderly and efficient manner.





Sub-Process Node

Turn your complex workflow into modular, reusable parts that natively support loop execution.

Divide multidisciplinary engineering problems into a breakdown of its constituent parts (modules) to improve efficiency of your optimization process. 

Create well-organized multidisciplinary projects: rapidly nest subprocesses within your projects and simulate specific subsystem behaviour.

Reuse subprocess modules within the same project or in a new one, and/or loop their execution until a given condition is met.


Scheduling Node

Combine and automate multiple design exploration and optimization tasks to reduce the overall simulation time.

Take automatic exploration and optimization to a new level by setting up nested or hierarchical optimization tasks. Streamline their execution in an orderly and highly effective manner.

Reduce the number of design variables and objectives within the main workflow and nest in the inner level optimization with our Scheduling node. Within the single modules, you can apply different optimization algorithms of your choice and automate their iteration.