Design of Experiments (DOE)

Use smart Design of Experiments technology to systematically explore the design space and get a precise understanding of the system from a limited number of test simulations.

Design of Experiments technologies

Get deeper insight into the design space. Identify the most important design variables and reduce the number of design evaluations required to find the optimal solution.

An important preliminary step of an optimization process is the initial sampling of the possible variable combinations related to a specific design problem. With our sophisticated DOE methods, design engineers can reduce the complexity of the design problem by determining a reasonable number of objectives and constraints to further evaluate in the optimization process.




ESTECO Design of Experiments technology offers different methods. Choose the right one according to the purpose of your exploration.

  • Our Space Filler DOEs are useful as a starting point for subsequent optimization process or for creating a database for the training of response surface models.
  • Statistical DOEs can be used to create samplings for the sensitivity analysis, allowing for a more in-depth understanding of the problem.
  • Robustness and reliability DOEs help create a set of stochastic points for robustness evaluation.
  • Optimal design DOEs help you effectively reduce the dataset volume.