Standard-based Technology

Work in a standard-based environment and take advantage of widely used standards to share and reuse processes and models.

Using multiple tools is often necessary when dealing with complex engineering problems that could involve separate teams and disciplines. In this context, the opportunity to rely on shareable processes and models is essential, and standards are key to make people and tools communicate.

Our technologies support the FMI and the BPMN standards to enhance integration and to facilitate enterprise-wide collaboration. 


Standard based ESTECO Technology
Take advantage of software interoperability and connect with multiple tools. Reuse models and processes to efficiently carry out complex problems and streamline your engineering process.
Exchange Information
Effectively share your projects across departments within and outside your company. Benefit from standardization and make people work together for different purposes and in different disciplines.
Democratization ESTECO Technology
Spread the potential of our innovative technologies within your company. Take a step towards democratization and enable also non-expert users to harness the power of AI and machine learning tools.
Model your workflow using Business Process Model and Notation

Our workflow is based on the Business Process Model and Notation standard. In this way, your process is modeled in a diagram that can be understood at all levels, from software engineering to decision making. In addition, you can easily import the workflow from another BPMN-based editor without the need to create it from scratch in the ESTECO platform. Learn more about BPMN.

Export RSMs as Functional Mock-up Units 

Our software platform supports the Functional Mock-up Interface standard to exchange simulation models. This enables you to export RSM (Response Surface Methodology) models as Functional Mock-up Units (FMUs) and share them with your team or run them within any application supporting FMI standard. Learn more about FMI.