Evolve your optimization experience with VOLTA Planner

With the VOLTA and modeFRONTIER Release 2020 Summer, you can access VOLTA Planner and embrace a user-friendly optimization approach. Explore the VOLTA Planner environment and benefit from the enhanced user experience to accelerate your innovation process and find better designs faster.

When you want to look for alternatives to your product design, VOLTA Planner offers you a modular interface to easily apply several optimization strategies. You can rely on a single environment where you can collaborate with other teams on the same design project. All members involved can quickly set up several design space exploration plans and make them available for further improvements. You can execute simulations as many times as you need without dealing with the process automation complexity. Just focus on the results you want to achieve.




Optimization-Driven Design ESTECO Technology

With VOLTA Planner you can split the process automation from the optimization strategy. Focus on your objective and let VOLTA configure the plan for you. VOLTA Planner allows you to choose among pre-configured scenarios and just set your objectives to build your DOE and optimization studies. Let VOLTA manage the automation steps and apply the algorithm according to your time and goal, while you can concentrate on the improvements you want to achieve.

Optimization-Driven Design ESTECO Technology

Exploit the collaboration capabilities of VOLTA to their full extent. With VOLTA Planner, all teams involved can save and reuse multiple design exploration strategies for the same project. Access and compare existing optimization plans previously set up by your colleagues, apply your changes, analyze and share your results. Improve collaboration and cultivate simulation knowledge to accelerate the product development process.

Optimization-Driven Design ESTECO Technology
VOLTA Planner smoothly guides you through the set-up of your design exploration studies. Benefit from a user-friendly modular interface to quickly create your strategy without the need to manage the workflow automation steps. Reduce all configuration issues, speed up the creation of your optimization and save time to innovate.


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