Webinar - Introducing VOLTA Part 1 | Focus on Collaboration

Learn more about the new generation of ESTECO Enterprise Solutions - VOLTA. The Webinar will introduce you to key concepts, provide the overview of the VOLTA environment and insights on exploiting enterprise engineering data and managing the entire simulation process.

Starting from modeFRONTIER, ESTECO technology has evolved in the last years into a comprehensive environment for integrated management of simulation process and data – SOMO (Service Oriented Multidisciplinary Orchestration). Now ESTECO has moved a step further, evolving to the next generation of its enterprise platform - VOLTA - to support leading companies in their organizational transition towards a more complete simulation-based product development.

VOLTA acts as the engineering hub, where teams benefit from customizable data structures and fine-grained permissions to ensure efficiency for each role involved. Simulation experts can avoid the burden of managing “work in progress” data with the advanced version control system that traces, organizes and makes all kinds of simulation-related data accessible: from models to library files, methodologies, key results and reports.

Register to this webcast and learn more about the VOLTA concepts: Project, Model, Plan, Evaluator and Session, Folder Based Structure, Dataset and Executed Sessions, Tags, Sharing and Notification System.


23 Feb 2017 at 4PM (Central European Timezone)

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Matteo Nicolich
Product Manager Enterprise Solutions



VOLTA environment > overview of the platform

From SOMO to VOLTA > managing the whole simulation process and exploiting enterprise engineering data


Collaborative design iterations, single/group permissions, live interaction on the simulation work in progress


Simulation Data Management and Versioning, Full design data traceability, integrated with PLM repositories, communicating with modeFRONTIER