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Celebrate 25 years of looking to the future.  

Technologies that bring the future closer

We’re proud to support leading organizations pushing the boundaries of what is possible. As an independent software company, we've 25 years of experience enabling innovators to transform their products and processes.

Our best-in-class desktop, enterprise and mobile solutions make digital innovation happen across a wide range of industries.

Future-proof technologies to advance product development

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How we operate

Creating first-class software since 1999

Born from an EU-funded research project, we have grown to be an international company with offices around the globe.

Putting people first, inside and outside the company

We see people where others might see human resources, partnership opportunities or business needs.

Keeping exploration going

We nurture long-term relationships with universities, scientific institutions and research partners worldwide to keep fostering innovation.

Countinuously expanding our partnership

We distribute our software solutions through our direct sales offices but we also rely on a solid network of valued partners.

What's happening at ESTECO

The latest news, stories and resources.

With more than 25 years of experience in simulation and Artifical Intelligence, our technology drives companies through their digital engineering journey. Discover how our software helps manage simulation data and processes, and design better products.

The exploration of new technology trends and disciplines, led us to expand our scope and offer, with new cloud-based solutions ranging from business process management, to mobile and IoT. Find out how our lateral thinking approach helps us push innovation boundaries.