Mission and ethics

We care about people.

"People are our greatest asset" it's not just a cliché at ESTECO. Individuals and society matter to us, inside and outside the company, at a local and global scale.

The ingenuity of our staff, the competencies of our partners and our solid academic background have been driving innovation at ESTECO for 25 years.

Our mission

Our mission

Our mission is to create leading-edge software that helps organizations excel in their digital transformation experience.

Every day our customers are committed to building the world of the future, with new and improved products and processes. We're by their side providing them the best possible technology, in the most smart and sustainable way.

Our values

We keep learning

We keep learning

As a science-based company, we never stop searching for new frontiers. We encourage the ingenuity of our staff as an innovation driver and we continuously take on new research projects with a growing network of institutions.

We respect people

Our workforce diversity supports our growth and fosters innovation and creativity within the company. We help people build the environment they need, by providing working conditions that are safe, healthy and respectful of human dignity.

We get ahead of time

We aim at anticipating market trends and customers' needs. The agile methodology makes our product development flexible, collaborative and goal-driven, and allows us to quickly react to changes and requests.

We work with the Earth in mind

We work with the Earth in mind

Sustainability is more than a buzzword. With engineering software as our core business, we enable our customers to design more sustainable products every day. But we're also committed to managing our own environmental impact.

Putting people first

Where others see human resources, partnership opportunities or business needs, we see people. Our growth is based on a thriving system of relationships, at different levels.


The success of our employees is ours. That's why we support their ambitions and make room for them to grow and excel in their professional journey.


The world is our market, but our local presence means a lot to us. We're committed to supporting neighbor businesses and initiatives whenever possible.

Our sales network

Every partner in our global network is an integral part of our business. With their help, we can expand our technology, reach customers and support them in the best possible way.


We work every day with the users of our technologies in mind. Empowering them to innovate their products and processes is at the heart of our mission.


With our roots in Academia, we pay special attention to education. Our software helps engineering students worldwide get started with real-world design challenges.