• 20/10/2016

ESTECO Academy supports Hyperloop Makers UPV team to design a levitating rail-free pod

We are proud to share the results achieved by Hyperloop UPV using modeFRONTIER to design a levitating rail-free pod. ESTECO Academy will sponsor the team for the next phase of SpaceX’s Hyperloop Global Competition in California, 2017.

The Hyperloop Makers UPV team, from the Universitat Politécnica de Valencia, took part in the SpaceX international challenge for the development of the Hyperloop ultra-fast train and was awarded the Top Design Concept and the Propulsion/Compression Subsystem Technical Excellence Awards. Hyperloop UPV developed a system that enables levitation through the magnetic attraction of the pod to the top of the tube. This rail-free solution saves up to 30% on Hyperloop tube construction costs.

modeFRONTIER helped the team select the optimum design in terms of travel experience, maximizing energy efficiency while accelerating design iterations and development time.

Germán Torres (Technical Director at Hyperloop Makers UPV Team) told us about their succesful optimization results using modeFRONTIER: the "levitating rail-free pod design".


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