• 09/08/2018

Benefits of modeFRONTIER for teaching: Dr. Ohad Gur, Ben Gurion University

In this short video interview, shot during the ESTECO UM18 in Trieste, Dr. Ohad Gur shares why he chose to teach optimization with modeFRONTIER.

Dr. Gur has been using modeFRONTIER since 2010, both for industrial applications and for educational purposes. He finds that modeFRONTIER is an excellent tool for teaching optimization. 

"modeFRONTIER is very flexible - you can do almost anything with it. Its user interface is very intuitive and you can introduce it to students who didn’t have any kind of knowledge of optimization whatsoever and they can grasp it in a matter of hours", said Dr. Gur, underlining that the ESTECO platform for process automation and optimization elevates the students' creativity, encouraging them to think outside the box.

During our chat, he underlined that he had a lot of other tools at his disposal, including open source solutions, but that they are much harder to grasp and handle than modeFRONTIER. Dr. Gur finds that the engineering departments around the world should start introducing optimization as part of the compulsory courses to keep the pace with the changes in the real world and provide the best possible preparation for the future engineers. 

"Today’s curriculum for undergraduate students doesn’t include compulsory courses in optimization, but I think it will be very short until we see that change", he pointed out.


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