• 14/06/2020

ESTECO joins Exscalate project to fight against Covid-19

During this period of emergency, we have been active on many frontiers trying to contribute in different ways in facing the situation, also offering our technology to fight against Covid-19.

Ten years ago we started using ESTECO Technology to optimize data and simulations toolchain in the drug design process. Several scientific papers even in recognized medical journals were published, but maybe it was too early for the technology to be picked by industry.

Thanks to the availability of huge computing power, now we are able to offer our technology to active research teams. The first concrete collaboration has started recently with Politecnico di Milano where we are supporting the Exscalate project with modeFRONTIER. This project aims at developing a smart platform against pathogens. It’s the first computational platform dedicated to addressing the need to promptly respond to a pandemic crisis.

ESTECO technology will be initially used to maximize the throughput of the “in-silico” screening of molecules on the new hardware being installed at CINECA but further applications are foreseen in subsequent phases.

Visit the Exscalate website to read more information about the project.