Cardanit BPMN editor
  • 17/06/2019

Introducing Cardanit. The new ESTECO BPM editor.

We are proud to announce that BPM in-house editor BeePMN has rebranded to Cardanit.

A lot has changed since ESTECO placed a bet on a new research and development project working on a BPMN editor back in 2013. Throughout the years the project became BeePMN, playing with the logo of a bee and the assonance with the BPMN standard. The editor has evolved and, to reflect this change, there's a new name, website and look and feel for a tool that is going to add DMN (Decision Model and Notation) to the BPMN editor in the next few months.

A slick and elegant brand combined with many features, that can’t be found so easily joint in similar tools, make Cardanit a stylish and smooth instrument for business process management.

The name pays tribute to Gerolamo Cardano, an Italian polymath, who perfected the Cardan shaft with universal joints. Those very joints can remind of the connections between BPMN elements. Also, the suffix -it, makes it closer to Italy and to the IT world where ESTECO belongs to.

Cardanit is based on premium plans and a free-trial is available to discover all the features. Visit Cardanit to find out how the editor works.