• 10/10/2018

VOLTA and modeFRONTIER Release 2018 | Winter now available

We are proud to announce that VOLTA and modeFRONTIER Release 2018 Winter is now available. With the latest update, ESTECO introduces VOLTA advisor, the new Engineering Data Intelligence experience. Other new features and improvements include workflow building on the fly in modeFRONTIER, a new integration node for optical design software and 3D RSM model view in VOLTA.



Make better informed decisions adding visualization to your raw data with the new VOLTA advisor and make use of the most modern post-processing tools. Our new interactive RSM Viewer tool allows to visualize the shape of an RSM model and assess its predictive ability with a 3D Surface chart.

Introducing the new VOLTA advisor

When performing data analysis, you can now visualize data using different tools all at once,  gain additional contextual information and deeper insight by making efficient use of all available data. The new VOLTA advisor app allows you to analyze datasets and session data using multiple, synchronized post processing tools — widgets — side-by-side.  



Take advantage of your simulation data and improve the interaction of content from an external system and real time retrieval of data with VOLTA REST APIs. Our first endpoints are out to give you quick and secure access to individual user and team data and facilitate the deployment of release management.



One RSM node - multiple functions
Boost your virtual optimization projects with the improved RSM node: the new all-in-one node accepts as many RSM models as required and you can load them simultaneously from the file system, Design Space and VOLTA.


Machine learning library 
Our suite of RSM algorithms can now count on machine learning technology with the integration of the H2O.ai library. Make use of the state-of-the-art machine learning platform that supports the most widely used statistical and machine learning algorithms in modeFRONTIER.


New direct integration
Benefit from the new direct integration node that couples modeFRONTIER with Zemax Optic Studio, the optical design software for creating optical, illumination and laser systems.







Workflow building on the fly

Jump directly to optimizing your design leaving time-consuming tasks behind with our workflow building on-the-fly. In the new release, you can drop the model file on the workflow canvas or in the Home page panel, select the variables and modeFRONTIER will automatically create a fully functioning workflow for you.


Introspection for Script nodes
Save time in setting up your workflow. Explore our script introspection and use automatic recognition of parameters as inputs and outputs. Look up your parameter of choice in the Parameter Chooser and the drag-and-drop feature will turn them into variable nodes.