• 10/03/2021

VOLTA and modeFRONTIER Release 2021 | Spring is now available

The new VOLTA and modeFRONTIER Release 2021 Spring is now available. With the latest update, modeFRONTIER introduces an all new Sensitivity Analysis tool equipped with a powerful dashboard to perform variable screening more effectively. Among other new features and improvements, VOLTA expands its Planner environment capabilities. You can both run various configurations for the same engineering project and easily change design exploration and optimization scenarios.



Introducing the new Sensitivity Analysis tool

Identify the most important design variables a priori is even easier with the new Sensitivity Analysis tool available in modeFRONTIER.

You can now benefit from a more intuitive interface to perform a variable screening and exclude those variables with negligible relevance from optimization or RSM projects.

In addition, you can experience new methodologies to train several sensitivity models with different factor/response combinations at the same time. As an alternative to SS-ANOVA, we also add a new proprietary sensitivity algorithm based on the Polynomial Chaos Expansion to cover a wider range of specific use cases.





The sensitivity analysis tool also features a new Effect table chart. This helps you to better visualize the results of a sensitivity model and reduce engineering problem complexity.  You can display the contribution of each factor and immediately exclude the unimportant inputs for your RSM training and exploration.




Configure multiple simulation plans and switch optimization scenarios easier.

When dealing with complex engineering problems, you need a certain flexibility to fine-tune simulation models in order to find innovative new designs.

With the VOLTA Planner, you can now create, reuse, and apply multiple plans on top of the same simulation workflow. This means executing various configurations of parameters, constraints, and objectives for the same engineering project. 

Also, you are able to create your own plan from scratch directly from the VOLTA Planner web interface. This is another step forward in detaching the simulation automation workflow from the execution strategy. As a result, you gain more time to focus on your optimization scenario and collaborate with other colleagues. Indeed, they can reuse your plans to perform further analysis and consequently reduce the whole product development time. 


For each simulation configuration, the VOLTA Planner now also guides you to easily change the strategy: from design exploration to optimization scenarios according to your specific needs.

Imagine the opportunity to decide whether opting for a single run to see how your model behaves, exploring your problem with Design of Experiments, or adding objectives for optimization campaigns. Then, all your experience acquired during the optimization studies can be easily saved in the VOLTA Planner and shared with other team members involved in the next step of the engineering design process.



For all other new features please refer to the release notes included in the software update.