A new collaborative MDO strategy for improving vehicle design at Ford

Ford Motor Company achieves streamlined, multi-user design process management by expanding its Multidisciplinary Design Optimization approach at enterprise level with ESTECO Collaborative web-based environment.

Two design projects highlight how Ford pools resources from different departments around the world and funnels this knowledge into the vehicle design process

Figure 1. MDO scenario on a global scale

The first project, focusing on vehicle frame design, shows the benefits of combining multi-domain, simultaneous analysis and optimization with advanced mathematical tools that enable consistent computational resource savings. 

The second project, a direct optimization analysis involving the core platform for a big pickup truck, opens up to a more pervasive application of the collaborative MDO approach by combining its mechanisms with Ford’s core platform philosophy. With the Enterprise MDO (EMDO) system, based on the ESTECO collaboration platform, Ford engineers can now process and generate large quantities of designs very quickly. This approach helps engineers identify problems in the design from the earliest stages of the process and provides a wealth of data from which several alternatives can be explored.