2024 ESTECO Academy video contest: winners announced

4 June 2024

ESTECO academy video awards UM24

We’re thrilled to announce the winners of the ESTECO Academy video contest. At the awards ceremony held earlier today, we celebrated the incredible talent and innovation showcased by the participants. This year's contest aimed to highlight how teams used modeFRONTIER software for their projects through engaging and informative videos.
The winners of the 2024 contest are DracoVolans Aerodesign Team of the University of Brasilia and PoliTO Sailing Team from the Polytechnic of Turin. We decided to give two first Student Team prizes this year: both teams wowed the judges with their exceptional projects, demonstrating a sophisticated and creative use of modeFRONTIER. Their videos not only highlighted their technical expertise but also their ability to communicate complex ideas clearly and compellingly.

2024 ESTECO Academy video contest | DracoVolansAerodesign Team - Univeristy of Brasilia

2024 ESTECO Academy video contest | Polito Sailing Team

A special mention goes to the Audace Sailing Team - University of Trieste. Their entry deserves mention: their use of modeFRONTIER software was highly effective, and their video did an excellent job of conveying the significance of their project.

2024 ESTECO Academy video contest | Audace Sailing Team - University Trieste

We were impressed with the variety and quality of all the videos submitted to the 2024 ESTECO Academy video contest. The creativity and enthusiasm demonstrated in the videos were, in most cases, truly outstanding, reflecting the hard work, passion, and innovation the teams put into their design projects. Each video submission presented unique projects which highlighted the software's versatility.

Thanks again to all the participants for their contribution and congratulations again to this year’s winners.
Stay tuned for more exciting opportunities from ESTECO Academy.