Celebrate 25 years of looking to the future

19 February 2024

25 Years anniversary ESTECO

In a journey spanning a quarter-century, ESTECO stands as a beacon of innovation in the world of technology. This year, we’re proudly celebrating our 25th anniversary, a milestone that marks our continuous commitment to technology, research and innovation.

ESTECO was founded by three engineers as a spin-off of the University of Trieste in 1999, building on the knowledge they acquired during the European funded project ‘Frontier’. Our founding members, President Carlo Poloni, CTO Luka Onesti and Scientific Advisor Enrico Nobile have taken the company from university startup to global leader in engineering technology in under 25 years. It took countless ideas, encounters and collaborations to get us to where we are today.

ESTECO is a big family that hasn’t forgotten roots and the long road travelled. You - our partners and customers - have been an essential part of our journey. We’ve grown steadily over the years and currently count over 150 employees worldwide, with branches and offices in Italy, the United States, India, and Germany. Our partners include 12 channel partners operating in 50+ countries and 15+ technology partners worldwide. We collaborate with over 200 academic institutions and more than 300 organisations use our technologies across a wide range of industries. We‘re grateful to everyone who has played a part in our history and contributed to our growth.

25 years at the service of our customers. 25 years of commitment and innovation. 25 years of looking to the future.

Our anniversary celebrations will take place throughout 2024. It’s going to be a year-long party in which we’ll highlight all aspects of ESTECO, sharing facts, videos of people, blogs, interviews, events, and local initiatives.

Discover our achievements over the years and immerse yourself in the future of technology. Read our special anniversary blog here to learn more about our history and initiatives.