ESTECO design system is now public

4 June 2024

SOUL public news

As announced today at the ESTECO International Users’ Meeting 2024 in Trieste, we’re thrilled to share that SOUL, our design system, is now publicly available.
SOUL is a collection of visual parts, user interface components and content guidelines that are used by designers and engineers to build consistent and quality experiences at scale, efficiently.
We use SOUL to design and build the user interfaces of all our web-based products, including VOLTA, Cardanit, product user guides, mobile apps and websites.
The public release of SOUL makes us push towards higher quality experiences, enables us to be transparent and attracts talent who share our commitment to quality.
ESTECO users can take advantage of SOUL and VOLTA APIs to create web apps, mobile apps, web-based desktop apps that work with VOLTA and extend VOLTA capabilities by offering a seamless and personal user experience across ESTECO products and their apps.

Key Features of SOUL:

  • Visual foundations: The basic elements that ensure visual and functional consistency across all digital products — like colors, typography, iconography and space.
  • User Interface components: The building blocks you can use and combine to create web-based applications. Components are available as Web components, HTML code and CSS classes, Angular components.
  • Extensive documentation: A documentation website that guides designers and developers who use SOUL assets and components.
  • Playground: A web editor that allows you to quickly prototype with SOUL.
  • Regular updates: improvements and updates to keep the design system aligned with the latest design trends and technological advancements.
    To explore and start using SOUL, visit If you want to know more about SOUL, contact us.