ESTECO International Users' Meeting 2022 - ADAS Workshop

1 June 2022

The online International Users' Meeting 2022 edition is fast approaching and we're now ready to present a new interactive workshop.

"A method to assess ADAS/AD system's real-life performance - Uniting real data, AI and optimization for scenario-driven design validation and optimization" is going to be held on 30 June from 12:00 to 1:00 PM.

Participants engaged in ADAS/AD activities and ideally in the validation of these complex systems will have the opportunity to discuss and exchange about these items with our speakers: Alexandre Mugnai, Business Development Manager at ESTECOHenk Goossens, Business developer at TNO and Amritpal Singh, CEO at VISCANDO AB. They will emphasize the approach being promoted by ESTECO and TNO in exploiting a scenario based design validation database combined with AI & ML algorithms to identify most relevant and challenging scenarios.

Like the other workshop, limited seats are available (max 25 individuals), so if you're interested in taking part in this engaging session