ESTECO International Users' Meeting 2022 - ESTECO Speakers

June 8, 2022

The online International Users' Meeting 2022 edition will have some ESTECO speakers talking about various topics.

Marco Turchetto (VOLTA Product Manager), and Marco Piovesana (Software Architect) with the speech VOLTA SPDM Platform - What Comes Next: current release and previews of future releases with a presentation of VOLTA’s transition to a cloud-native architecture.

Danilo Di Stefano (modeFRONTIER Product Manager) with modeFRONTIER 2022: Addressing the Challenges of Design Optimization: modeFRONTIER 2022 brings significant innovations to process integration and to design space exploration.

Enrico Nobile (Professor and Scientific Advisor) with the ESTECO Academy Review

Dario Campagna (Research Project Manager) with the speech From Research to Products and Back: look at recent technology exchanges between research and ESTECO products.

Take a look at the agenda to have more information about speeches and sessions.

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