ESTECO supports smart bees to pollinate the planet

September 30, 2022

We’re excited to officially launch our first project with 3Bee, an Italian agri-tech startup developing intelligent monitoring and diagnostic systems for bee health.

As a company, we want to be more respectful of the planet in all our activities: through our technology we help companies save time and money and optimize processes, but we also want to promote more and more corporate social responsibility initiatives in our day-to-day lives for and with our employees.

Because we care about sustainability and we know that one out of every three mouthfuls of our food depends on pollinators such as bees, we have adopted a smart beehive called Luna.

Through a unique technology developed by 3Bee, we can constantly and comprehensively monitor our hive. The beekeeper too can benefit from it to optimize production, save time and treat the bees by preventing problems and diseases.

We think global but we also want to act local: therefore we chose a business located near us. Erikin vrt - Il giardino di Erika is our beekeeper in San Dorligo della Valle, nearby ESTECO Headquarters in Trieste. In her garden, she cultivates medicinal herbs, which are extremely important for bees' health and good for local biodiversity. We’ll be in touch with her to know if our bees are in good health.

From a technological point of view, through an app directly linked to our bees, all our employees can have access to some data regarding general conditions in our hive like internal and external temperature, bees sound and weather conditions in order to be sure that they’re feeling well and they can produce honey.

A regular report sent by 3Bee will tell us a bit more about Erika’s activities in our Luna Beehive, keep us informed about potential threats and positive results thanks to the use of the technology installed, and by discovering more about this wonderful and interesting world.

We're looking forward to the happy ending after the first year of adoption: a delicious taste of our honey and more insights on the use of this sustainable technology.