ESTECO welcomes its 150th employee

5 September 2023

ESTECO 150 employees

We’re thrilled to announce the hiring of our 150th team member. This marks a significant milestone in our company’s development and confirms our dedication to expanding the company and investing in our people.

ESTECO journey of growth knows no bounds. We’re a big global family and we have new hires across all of our offices worldwide. Year to date, we’ve welcomed 18 new employees.

Carlo Poloni President ESTECO

This latest milestone confirms our dedication to investing in people and their ongoing growth and development. As our company grows and continues to push the boundaries of technology, we remain committed to fostering a dynamic and inclusive workplace culture that values diversity, creativity, and teamwork. We’re always looking for ways to enhance employee satisfaction and we’ve implemented several initiatives over the years to ensure that everyone can contribute their best. This includes providing our employees with training and continued education, offering flexible working hours and creating an open working environment.