Keynotes and Agenda announced - ESTECO International Users' Meeting 2022

12 May 2022

The ESTECO International Users' Meeting is around the corner and it's time to meet our keynotes.

Come listen to these inspiring speeches, you only need to register for the online event. So what are you waiting for?

Alex Caizergues, the fastest man on water, with Using pioneering achievements to generate breakthrough innovation.

Co-founder of Syroco, a scientific and technical laboratory solving environmental challenges in the transportation and energy sectors.

Vladimir Shirokov with MDO technologies for designing an innovative electric powertrain system.

Senior Electric Motor Designer at ARRIVAL and development and integration lead for propulsion system multi-domain optimization workflows.

Ales Alajbegovic with The Virtual Twin: Updates from the future.

Owner of Four Elements Technologies with an extensive experience in Computational Fluid Dynamics and development of industrial applications.

Find out more about the agenda and details about the speeches.