Otto Aviation selects VOLTA as its collaborative MDO framework

December 2, 2020

We're proud to announce that our technology is contributing to the design of the most fuel-efficient passenger aircraft in the world. Otto Aviation has selected our VOLTA platform as its digital engineering framework for multidisciplinary design optimization (MDO) and simulation process data management (SPDM).

The California based startup recently emerged with its revolutionary Celera 500L, a six-seater plane that can fly at speeds of 450 miles per hour, but twice as far as a comparable jet aircraft and with eight times lower fuel consumption. The aircraft is designed to combine unprecedented aerodynamics, speed, and fuel efficiency with a superior internal comfort, while meeting the highest level of safety and compliance with FAA and international regulations. This makes it a compelling application in terms of MDO, and requires the right software assets.

“Multidisciplinary Design Optimization of this aircraft is essential to its performance”, says David Bogue, Chief Technology Officer at Otto Aviation. “We need a tool that improves team collaboration and gets the job done faster. VOLTA’s server-based framework allows team members to alter optimizations on a real-time basis and deliver the best overall performance.”

As the demand for private aviation surges in response to COVID-19, Otto Aviation promises to make private air transportation more affordable and more sustainable. This is where the capability to make the design process faster and more efficient is key to accelerate innovation. "Not only have the VOLTA optimization results shown marked performance gains", comments Travis Fousek, Senior Aeronautical Systems Engineer, "but the framework has allowed faster design cycles and increased collaboration between structures, flight controls and aerodynamics disciplines, all due to the rich visualization, exploration, and workflow toolsets. Our goal in evaluating the VOLTA framework set out to improve the high-lift system of the aircraft, but we are looking forward to utilizing VOLTA for many upcoming projects and further improving the efficiency and performance of our aircraft.”

Roel Van De Velde, Director A&D for ESTECO concluded: “We are proud to partner with Otto Aviation to bring their vision of a laminar flow aircraft to reality. Just like Otto Aviation, ESTECO has a strong pioneering spirit; VOLTA is an industry-first framework for server-based optimization and collaboration, and more and more aerospace companies are selecting us to modernize their MDO infrastructure. We are very excited that Otto Aviation has chosen us as well, and we are looking forward to support the development of this groundbreaking aircraft with our best-in-class technology.”

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