Product update

VOLTA and modeFRONTIER 2023R2 available now

July 5, 2023

Business Process Management

With the introduction of Services in VOLTA, we enable users to bridge the gap between simulation workflows and business processes. Experts in process automation can go a step further in CAE democratization by making simulation workflows re-usable by non-experts within a business process. To achieve this, you can create a Service which is a simplified run configuration. It exposes a partial set of design parameters for a specific simulation workflow extended with design space exploration strategies.

Then, this Service is made available within a business process (BPMN 2.0 workflow) and referenced in a VOLTA Service task that invokes the execution of the simulation workflow delivering design parameters data to the simulation.

With Service in VOLTA, you bring onboard non experts. They can now interact with the business process through User Tasks to define a design configuration. As a result, the simulation runs automatically and generates design space exploration studies. In turn, these results are then fed back into the business process, where the task assignee can use VOLTA's post-processing tools to analyze them further.

Design Optimization

The new pyDOE module in modeFRONTIER enables you to write your own algorithms in Python and or use built-in Python algorithms to create a set of DOE design configurations. With pyDOE, you can expect to estimate objective and constraint values based on available albeit partial data. By doing this, you can decide whether a design is worth keeping in advance.

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