Product update

VOLTA and modeFRONTIER 2023R3 available now

9 November 2023

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modeFRONTIER adds API capabilities for exchanging data between Python interpreters and modeFRONTIER design space environment. VOLTA gives you full control over your data with new automatic backup for your VOLTA Cloud installation.

Simulation Data Analytics

pyFRONTIER app now available

It enables you to connect any Python interpreter with modeFRONTIER and interactively use Design Space and Python data in both applications. As an example, you can code your Python scripts in your preferred integrated development editor (IDE) and launch them from there as if you were launching them from inside modeFRONTIER. Also, you can exchange data interactively between a Python interpreter embedded in your preferred solver and modeFRONTIER design space.

modeFRONTIER 2023R3 news


VOLTA Cloud installation: backup and restore application data

You can rely on the automatic backup to protect data from loss or damage by backing up the VOLTA application data in a separate storage location. Further, in order to maintain data integrity, the restore data option allows you to restore data to a point in time when it was free from error or corruption.

For all other new features please refer to the release notes included in the software updates.

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