Product update

VOLTA and modeFRONTIER 2024R1 available now

13 March 2024

VOLTA introduces several new features for system administrators, adding operational flexibility and user autonomy. modeFRONTIER comes with UX, integration and algorithm improvements.

System Administration

Delegate system administrator tasks to users

VOLTA System Administrators can now share control over certain tasks to enable user autonomy or to guarantee coverage in busy times or during absences without giving up control over the entire system. A proper management of admin privileges is crucial to ensuring productivity, efficiency, and security.

User Experience

Test more CAD/CAE solver nodes in modeFRONTIER workflow

You can now check if modeFRONTIER can communicate with the integrated CAD/CAE software, run a single design with default or custom values and verify if the output values are computed as expected. The Test run feature is now available for ABAQUS, Adams/Car, Adams/View, Ansys Workbench, AVL AST, ANSA, Simcenter Amesim, CATIA, GT-Suite, CST Studio Suite and mETA.

For all other new features please refer to the release notes included in the software updates.

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