VOLTA and modeFRONTIER Release 2018 | Summer now available

Jun 19, 2018

We are proud to announce that VOLTA and modeFRONTIER Release 2018 | Summer is now available. With the latest update, ESTECO introduces VOLTA player, the platform-independent web application that encloses Evaluator and Grid modules. Other new features and improvements include a web-based RSM Model, custom templates in modeFRONTIER and easier file referencing in VOLTA.


Responding effectively to different needs of computational resources gets easier with the new summer release. Now you can leverage local and remote computing resources, HPCs and cloud, while balancing parallel job executions across platforms and operating systems with one accessible app.

Introducing VOLTA player

VOLTA player is a web module enclosing the Evaluator and Grid modules in one place available to both desktop and enterprise users. The web-based application is platform independent, remotely accessible and comes with an easy interface to configure, monitor and manage remote computing.


Take advantage of VOLTA’s power of collaboration and capitalize on domain expert ’s ability with the new web RSM Model.

RSM models are statistical and numerical models that approximate the output of a system, saving on computing resources. ESTECO technology offers full control over model creation and quality.  RSMs can be created and updated at any time in a given project and run in a web environment.

In complex MDO scenarios, where a project is more a composition than a simulation workflow, an RSM model from an MDO project is also a composition of RSMs. In VOLTA, MDO projects inherit the RSM models contained in referenced projects and are updated in real time whenever an updated RSM model is available, making the process more efficient.

New RSM algorithm - Support Vector Regression - SVR

SVR is powerful and flexible learning algorithms that analyze data and recognize patterns based on Support Vector Machines. Being tolerant to noisy data training and very fast to train their use allows to consistently save time.


Easier file referencing in VOLTA

Now it’s easy to map a simulation process in modeFRONTIER referencing analysis files and other items stored and versioned in VOLTA with the new VOLTA browser added to all application nodes.

VOLTA’s enhanced browsing capabilities make it possible to reference a specific version of a file and select the last version so that the file is automatically updated to the newest version whenever you run the workflow model.

Custom templates in modeFRONTIER

Eliminate repetitive and time-consuming tasks from the work routine. Create your own collection of templates and re-use them as a starting point for building complex workflows. Custom templates bring you one step closer to shareable, modular projects.