VOLTA and modeFRONTIER Release 2019 | Winter now available

October 15, 2019

The new VOLTA and modeFRONTIER Release 2019 winter is now available. You can now enjoy an even more intuitive optimization experience with the new modeFRONTIER planner. The new modular environment makes your approach to design space exploration more efficient. Other new features and improvements include a DOE algorithm in autonomous mode in modeFRONTIER, new dependencies traceability along with multiple datasets visualization capabilities in VOLTA.


modeFRONTIER planner: enter a new optimization experience

Work more easily and get results faster with the new modeFRONTIER planner environment. Separate the process automation flow from the design exploration strategy and speed up the creation and the management of your modeFRONTIER sessions. Choose among pre-configured scenarios to set-up DOE, optimization, RSM-based and robust and reliability-based campaigns. Apply and save multiple exploration strategies for the same engineering design process. Embrace the intuitive, modular interface to increase productivity and evaluate the results faster.

Incremental Space Filler DOE algorithm goes autonomous

Discover a new and automatic way to increase the understanding of any complex engineering problem faster. With the Incremental Space Filler DOE in autonomous mode, you do not need to set any algorithm parameters. Just click and get an accurate insight into the design space to further train Response Surface Models, perform statistical analyses or launch optimization process.


Master your data with dependencies traceability

Trace data dependencies in VOLTA to organize and retain engineering knowledge. See correlations and learn from your past strategies. Understand why a decision has been taken and figure out where to focus improvement efforts. When collaborating on the optimization of a design, you may need to resume an exploration plan, evaluate it and further improve it. Getting a clear overview of the entire simulation process, correlations and data origins is crucial. The traceability of dependencies among data enables you to identify the logical steps behind a strategy and detect possible enhancements.


Compare your datasets in VOLTA and get faster insights

Visualize and compare multiple datasets to save time and minimize evaluation errors. When dealing with two or more datasets based on experimental or simulation data, comparing them is key to gain valuable insights. With the enhanced VOLTA advisor capabilities, you can display all datasets in the same dashboard or in the same chart. Clearly assess the effectiveness of the different studies and decide on design solutions.