Optimized thermal comfort for trombe wall system



May 2016 – TBD


DOUBLE FACE 2.0 is a project funded within the Research Through Design program of Technology Foundation STW. Few architectural works take aesthetic advantage from technical aspects; they are often seen as constraints limiting creativity rather than inspiring principles that become part of the design identity. This research will focus on a specific demonstrator: a novel type of Trombe wall system. It consists of a new system that passively improves thermal comfort using new lightweight and translucent materials for latent heat storage. Advanced materials like PCM and aerogel are used in combination with novel rapid prototyping techniques (like stereolithography) and advanced computational means (like evolutionary algorithms) next to design intuition. Next to the development of geometric modellers and performance simulations, evolutionary algorithms have been used to select design alternatives and investigate the effect of input parameters by performing Sensitivity and Multi-Variate Analysis in modeFRONTIER.

Project Team

Delft University of Technology:

  • dr. Arch. Michela Turrin
  • dr. ir. Martin Tenpierik
  • ir. Paul de Ruiter, ir Winfried Meijer
  • dr. ir. Willem van der Spoel
  • Carlos Alfredo Chang Lara

Eindhoven University of Technology:

  • Dipl./Ing. Florian Heinzelmann
  • Prof.Dr./Ing. Patrick Teuffel
  • Ing. Wout van Bommel


Funded by: Technology Foundation STW