Virtual platform for design and optimization of compact Heat Exchangers


2013 – 2015


OPTIMHEX is a collaborative project within the Eurostars Programme. It involves a consortium of 4 partners from the industrial heat exchangers manufacturing, leading optimization software house and universities. The main purpose of the project is the study and development of an innovative methodology for Heat Exchangers (HE) design, based on the definition of a virtual platform (software package), able to create HE virtual models by targeting HE performance, optimal use of material, HE minimal weight and optimal manufacturability. The perspective is the definition of a technology for the realization of products optimized in terms of production processes, material used, expected performances, and energy efficiency.


The project consortium is formed by: HYDAC AG, Swiss multi-national company that produces compact plate-fin Heat Exchangers for industrial and mobile sectors; SUPSI – ICIMSI, the Swiss Institute for computer integrated manufacturing belonging to the Department of Innovative Technologies of SUPSI University; UNIVERSITY OF TRIESTE, Department of Architecture and Engineering; ESTECO, world’s leader company in optimization software solutions.



This project has received funding from the Eurostars Programme, powered by EUREKA and the European Community, under agreement no E!6853: EUREKA Programme Website